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Why Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals?

Those of you who have been with me for many years know that I tend to be a realist about skin care products.

Naturally, I get to play with a lot of different products in my line of work. Since starting my business I have worked loosely with several different lines and have had the ability to pick and choose from what I feel is the best of each of them for my services.

When clients need guidance on skin care product, I will either order product for them from the companies I have accounts with, or make the best recommendations I can from what I know is available to the average consumer. Unfortunately, I simply cannot keep up with all of the different skin care lines out there, and the quality of products varies so widely it’s astounding. I can ask a client to bring in all the products they are using so I can look at the ingredients, but there is so much more to a product than just the ingredient list.  Having information about product formulation is important. It is impossible for me to know all the necessary information about all the products out there, and as a result I am often left guessing as to whether or not the products a person is using are helping or harming their skin.

For example, just because vitamin C is listed in the ingredients of a moisturizer, does not necessarily mean you will get the benefits of the antioxidant properties of vitamin C. Why? The form that the vitamin C is in, the PH of the product, the concentration, system of delivery and many other factors effect whether or not your skin will actually utilize an active ingredient.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are many companies out there who take advantage of consumers looking for a miracle product or a “quick fix.” We hear about the latest and greatest new ingredient “X” in skin care, and suddenly every company on the shelf has a product that has “ingredient X!” proudly proclaimed on it’s label. In the industry there is a concept called “fairy dusting,” which means putting a tiny bit of something in a product so that you can claim it’s benefits. This is a misleading, unethical practice and makes for jaded consumers who think they have tried everything for their skin and have seen little benefit.

I decided that if I was going to produce real, visible results for clients who walk in my door, I would need to be able to have complete and total control of the quality of the products they apply. You see, I believe skin improvement is a partnership – it’s based on team work. What I do in the treatment room + what you do every single day = the result we get. Facials and peels alone will not achieve great changes if they are not coupled with proper home care. Thus, my search for the perfect product line for my needs began. I will spare you all the details of my search criteria and how I happened upon Rhonda, but here are the main things that attracted and ultimately convinced me to choose this line above all others:


Rhonda’s products are truly cutting edge. They contain literally every active ingredient I was looking for in a line, at a concentration, PH, and formulation that is proven and effective. They have the scientific white papers and independent studies to back up their claims. Any time I have a question, I can find out exactly what the purpose, strength and concentration of each and every ingredient in their products is. An additional thing to note is that all of her formulations that contain delicate actives that are subject to oxidization are sealed in an air tight container- a big factor in shelf life and effectiveness.

Safety and Ethical Concerns

These products strike a unique balance between science and nature. They are literally loaded with lab derived actives combined with the best proven botanicals out there. The whole line is free of artificial fragrances and colors. Unlike many other “cosmeceutical” lines, they are not packed full of parabens (2 of her formulations contain methylparaben, which is produced in nature from wintergreen and blueberries) and sodium lauryl sulfate. Rhonda Allison does not conduct animal testing, and the exterior packaging of her products is recyclable. The interior tube that actually comes into contact with the product is not, but these are easily separated.


A big consideration for me was if my clients would actually be able to afford to use these products. While the professional line could be considered costly, the retail line is very reasonable compared to others of the same quality. For example, I worked for many years with Skin Ceuticals and am amazed every time I realise that Rhonda offers many formulations with the same ingredients, at a higher concentration but at a fraction of the cost of some of my old favorites. The two highest price points in the line are for extremely advanced serums in a large size. They are $95 which is still less than some of the basic products in comparable lines! On the same note…

Almost all of the products are offered in “petite” trial sizes

I didn’t even realize how important this fact was for me until after I started working with this line. Skin care is not an exact science. I cannot be 100% certain of what will work for your skin. Having a small, one month’s (or more in some cases) supply of products allow us to trial them, see how they work for your skin and tweak our plan accordingly without you having to make a larger investment or wasting product. This is not the same as “sampling” a product, where you do get enough to tell if you like the feel of it or if you are allergic to it, but you don’t get enough uses to know if the product in question will actually work for your skin.

The Professional Line

Oh, the professional line! What can I say except that these products are empowering to me as an Esthetician. I really feel like I have a potent set of tools at my disposal that I can utilize to give clients amazing results. Rhonda is a chemical peels educator, and she has made so many different acid formulations and new techniques available to professionals in my industry. The result is that I will have a huge array of new formulations available to offer clients even better outcomes from my services.

The Professional Support

This is a very education centered line. One of Rhonda’s major goals is to increase professional standards and education in our industry, and it shows. Every two weeks they offer webinars for Estheticians working with their line, and they have a whole slew of educational materials available to us. The two live classes I have attended since last November have been phenomenal, valuable learning experiences. Also, all of the RA Rep’s are professionals in our industry, they are educators – not just sales people. One would think it would always be this way, but it is in fact rare.

I hope that clears up why I have chosen to start working with this line, and why I am now offering products for sale at my office. The feedback so far has been amazing. Every week I’ve been getting excited text messages, emails and phone calls from clients sharing updates on how their skin has improved after just a week or two using these products. I love the feedback ladies, keep it coming! The comments I’ve been getting really confirm for me that I made the right choice when I invested in this line. As always, I look forward to learning more and bringing that knowledge back to you!

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