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Relevant Links and Useful Information:

The Skin Cancer Foundation

Valuable information about self-exams, early detection signs, etc.

Rhonda Allison Skin Care

Tons of great information on Rhonda’s site.


Trusted Professionals:

Hairlines of Cary

This is the salon I work out of. They have the most wonderful staff of warm, caring stylists! Their phone is 919.481.2424.

Jeanne Newton

Jeanne is my business partner and who I refer clients to when I am unable to accommodate their schedule. She works out of the same office space as I do, but on opposite days of the week (Sun-Tues & every other Sat). Give her a call at 919.812.2014.

Barbara Moore

LMBT, Somatic Life Coach
Barbara is an amazing and gifted woman. She offers bodywork and somatic coaching sessions in her intimate and cozy “Tree House” studio at her home in Pittsboro. Visit her website to learn more about somatics and what Barbara can do for you.

Julie Barton, Optimum Wellness

LMBT, Licensed Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Julie is educated in sports medicine. I have never met a massage therapist with as thorough a knowledge of the clinical side of massage as Julie. Visit her site to learn about all the ways her services can be of value to you.

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