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Mindful Seasonal Skin Care

Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner.

I love this time of year. There’s a small army of birds swarming my backyard on a daily basis. In the evening the orchestra of crickets and frogs is quickly approaching the point of being deafening. Lush plant growth has exploded from winter dormancy, painting the world a vibrant, tender green and the flowers I planted in years past are rewarding me with their gorgeous blooms. There’s no doubt about it, the world has come back to life all around us.

All I want to do this time of year is be outside in the garden… and I know I’m not the only one. This is a time of year when many of us start spending more time outdoors. It is important that we remember the adjustments we should be making to best support our skin during this season. Here are a few guidelines on seasonal skin care for the upcoming months.

  • First: Refresh and renew your skin for spring!
    Get rid of that dull, dry layer of dead winter skin. We can do so much in the treatment room to get your skin ready for the new season. Using milder flower acids, antioxidant, peptides and potent extracts from the sea we’ll get you glowing and ready for the coming months.
  • It’s time to back off on your use of stronger topicals, especially if you spend time outdoors.
    If you use retinols, hydroquinone, AHA’s, etc, now is the time to switch to gentler resurfacing agents and botanical skin brighteners. The stronger active ingredients make your skin much more sensitive to not only the sun, but the heat as well. One little known fact is that when it comes to hyperpigmentation and melasma, heat can play just as big a role is causing new pigment to form as sun exposure can. Retinols and lighteners can really encourage the skin to create more pigmentation as a defense to sun/heat, thus working against what they are often times used for in the first place.
  • Now is also the time to switch from aggressive/corrective skin care treatments to mild, supportive treatments for healthy skin maintenance.
    Summer is not the ideal time for strong chemical peels and resurfacing treatments for the same reasons that it is not the ideal time for stronger topicals. Instead, during the summer we will focus on deep cleaning, hydrating and supporting the skin with natural pigment suppressants.
  • Time to bring out the higher SPF and hats!
    You may be able to get away with using an SPF 15 daily during the winter time, but I would recommend switching it up to a 30 for the summer. Important to remember as well, most sunscreens should be re-applied every two hours. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who really does this- but I would certainly strive for it if you are going to be spending time outdoors. Powdered zinc and titanium dioxide (mineral makeup) makes it easy to re-apply SPF on your face without destroying makeup. Remember: 90% of skin aging is due to the sun! Check out this link for some good information on sunscreen.
  • What to focus on for your home care during the summer months:
    This time of year it is especially important to support the skin with antioxidants, gentle exfoliants, peptides and deeper cleansers for those who get oily/congested during the summer months.
  • Need a spring time skin evaluation?
    Schedule a complimentary consultation! We’ll take a look at your goals and what you are currently using and then make the appropriate changes to help you have a summer of beautiful skin.
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