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Andrea Lawrence

Hi! I’m Andrea.

I want to be your partner in achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

I believe that skin care is an extension of health and wellness, and that when we feel good about ourselves, we face the world with more confidence and energy. It has been my experience that when we take the time to truly care for ourselves, we expand our capacity to care for others. Thus, practicing excellent self care can help (at least a little!)  to make the world a better place! I’m here to help you with one aspect of that self care.

My journey in the field of skin care began in 1999 when as a teen I got a job at a large day spa and got to discover first hand how much of an effect correcting skin problems can have on a person’s confidence. I had struggled with acne for many years and one of the Estheticians at the spa took the time to work with my skin and teach me about proper home care. She was able to not only clear up my acne, but also the scarring that had resulted from the breakouts. This had a dramatic impact on my life and I decided that I wanted to be able to do the same for others.

I earned my NC Esthetics license in March of 2002, and have had the privilege of working with clients to reach their skin care goals since that time. I will always be grateful for the experiences I had and all that I learned working in a larger day spa; however, that environment has its limitations. Eventually I decided that I could better serve the needs of my clients in a private practice setting. Thus, in April of 2008 Andrea Lawrence Skin Care was born. Having a private practice allows me creative control over the products and services I offer. It also allows me to take as much time as is needed with each individual client and to customize services according to their specific goals rather than offering cookie cutter “one size fits all” treatments.

My goal as an Esthetician is to offer clients uncompromising attention to detail and customized service. No two clients needs are exactly the same, and I take pride in being able to be flexible and discover what works for each individual. You will never be treated like just another number in my treatment room!

What to expect when you schedule a facial service with me.

Andrea Lawrence Skin Care is a small private practice studio located in the second story of Hairlines Salon in Cary. While I make every effort to create a spa like ambiance in my treatment room, if you are looking for a full day spa experience you will want to look for one of the larger spas in our area. I do not have locker rooms, a steam room or a lounge.

What I do have to offer you is my knowledge and skill from 16+ years in the industry and 100% of  my attention during your treatment time. I will consult with you, we will discuss your concerns, goals, preferences  and I will design a service just for you and your skin. Just want to relax? Great! I’ll be glad to give you an amazing facial massage and a pampering experience. Have a problem with your skin? We’ll discuss our treatment options and come up with a plan. I will be with you through the entire service (no leaving you alone in the room for 20 minutes while you sit with a mask on!) and will answer any questions you may have. I will discuss my home care recommendations with you- but there will be absolutely no sales pressure. I am a BIG believer in client education- so you can expect to learn a lot about the products and services I recommend and how they will benefit your skin.

A few words about waxing…

When I went into this field, I did not expect to discover that I was good at waxing… or that I would love it! In fact, hair removal services make up half of my appointments in a typical day. I love waxing because it is fast, chatty and I get the instant gratification of seeing what I’ve accomplished in one session. I use both “hard” wax and traditional “strip” wax depending on the area I am waxing and client preferences. I am very comfortable with Brazilian bikini waxing (ladies only please!) and have taught several classes on the subject. I also now offer sugaring services as an additional form of hair removal. Click here to read frequently asked questions about my hair removal services.

Some important information…

Clients are seen by appointment only. You may call, text or email me with your questions or to request an appointment or use my online booking program linked in the top of this page. Please note- I have a large and established clientele and you may have to wait some time for an opening. I do not have a receptionist. In an effort to not live my life constantly glued to my phone, I typically limit time to return messages to between 3:00-5:00 PM. If you leave me a message after that time, I may not get back to you until the following afternoon.

I value and respect your time, I ask that you please extend the same courtesy to me.

Day-of cancellations equal lost income for myself and for my business. Please be considerate and give a minimum of 24 hour notice (more is better!) if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This gives me the chance to fill the space in my schedule that your appointment time took up. If I am unable to fill the space, day of cancellations and no shows will be charged a fee of 50% of your scheduled services, due before your next appointment.

Please arrive 5 minutes early  for your appointment. I will not run late taking my next client to accommodate someone who arrives after their appointment time has begun. Your service will be shortened if necessary so I may remain on schedule.

Thank you!!

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